Sunrise/Sunset Java Library

I just wrote a Java library that computes the sunrise / sunset using GPS coordinates and a date. To use, simply download the tar or zip file from the GitHub page, or use git to pull the source:

$>git clone git://

Once you have the source, use the command:

$ ant all

To compile the source, build the bin, src, and test jars, execute the unit tests and generate the JavaDoc for the library.

This code snippet illustrates the main usage pattern:

// Location of sunrise/set, as latitude/longitude.
Location location = new Location("39.9937", "-75.7850");

// Create calculator object with the location and time zone identifier.
SunriseSunsetCalculator calculator = new SunriseSunsetCalculator(location, "America/New_York");

Calendar date = Calendar.getInstance();
String dawn = calculator.getCivilSunriseForDate(date);
String dusk = calculator.getCivilSunsetForDate(date);

The list of supported time zone identifiers is given by:

//Returns String[] of supported tz identifiers.

Any feedback? Comments? Features? Bugs? Comment below.

Released under the Apache License 2.0.